21 June 2008

Pentax Raw File Support

Since Pentax is a smallish player in the SLR market, some software vendors are correspondingly slow at implementing support for the raw files of new Pentax cameras. So I figured it could be worthwhile to keep abreast of the extent to which the PEFs are supported in various software.

I've published my gatherings as a Google-Doc here.

The list surely contains many omissions, but I'll do my best to keep it updated and include suggestions from readers. Updates to this document will be announced on the dpReview.com Pentax SLR forum, at the Pentax Discussion Mailing List, and at Foto.no.

Thanks to all who have already contributed, you know who you are... :-)

The PentaxForums website is omitted for no particular reason other than that I have never visited there yet.

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