12 September 2008

Power hungry photography

Granted, this is not really about photography.
Some would claim it's not about environmentalism either.
It is about fuel cells. Methanol fuel cells.

This summer, a company called PolyFuel showed a laptop prototype running on electricity generated by combustion of methanol. It has been touted as a "green" breakthrough, and frowned upon because methanol is mostly made from natural gas; which means it's fossil fuel.

However, methanol can be made from many sources, including atmospheric CO2. I don't know how the final equation will balance "green-ness" between methanol fuel cells and conventional batteries, but I do know one thing. I would love to have a laptop with an energy source lasting 10 hours or more, and to have spare energy cartridges that weighs less than a brick. If it could be adapted to my camera as well, then all the better.

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