19 October 2008

A night shot

This is a really long exposure, about fifteen minutes. I was curious to see how the Pentax K20D handled this kind of thing. I think the result is quite OK, but oh, the patience... After the exposure, the camera needs exactly the same amount of time again to apply its noise reduction. Foreground is lit by "brushing" with a small LED flashlight, by the way.


Studio Natura said...

Dette ble et veldig bra bilde :-)

Miserere said...

Oh man...20 mins wait...I feel for you, and it's soooo much longer than waiting for film to be developed...


Image looks OK. Have you figured out a way to bypass noise reduction? I've heard some people have resorted to taking many short exposures that don't use noise reduction.

Alunfoto said...

Studio Natura: Hjertelig takk, Lars-Andreas! :-)

Alunfoto said...


Thanks a lot for commenting!

Waiting for an hour in an urban café while the lab did its job was just nice; and you could use the camera in the meanwhile.
Waiting for fifteen minutes in a dark, cold September night, worrying about whether the batteries will endure the dark-frame exposure; that seems like a lot longer wait.

Okay, I'm just bitching... :-) There were no mosquitos and a beautiful, moonless view of the Milky Way that night.

I'll have to get back to you on circumventing the noise reduction on the "B" setting. My camera is miles away from my person today.


Alunfoto said...

Now I have fooled around with the K20 for a bit.
I can't see any reasonable way of circumventing the noise reduction on long exposure times.

Boris said...

Well, in the old film days, you had to wait longer, had you not?