30 November 2008

First Snow

I was so sure I had backup of everything important.
Then, after reinstalling Windows Vista, I couldn't retrieve my Photoshop actions.
So, I have to remake a matting-and-framing action for presentation here. As you can see from the above, I'm almost there. It took the whole Sunday evening to get this far, so I really need to figure out a good way to make backups of all those little shortcuts in Photoshop.


Gregg said...

I hope you've figured out how to back up the actions file. I'm going from memory, but can't you save the actions from the action palette menu? If not that, they are in a subfolder of Photoshop somewhere.

I only have a mac at home, so I can't really look and help you out.

It is always the small things you forget and you have to redo everything and you find out they really weren't that small ...

Alunfoto said...

Thanks for commenting, Gregg!
You're absolutely right; there's a subfolder called "actions", containing files with extension *.atn. I thought I was safe because I had a copy of those files, but apparently your own actions don't end up there until you explicitly save it.
So, now I only have to figure out how to remember to save them... :-)
Since Photoshop remembers the actions anyway, they must be saved somewhere else, but not as *.atn files. That bit is a bit puzzling...