07 December 2009

Chinstraps adrift

Pentax K-7, DA* 300/4
1/1000, f/9.5, ISO 400
click image for larger version

Two days out from South Georgia we passed North of Elephant Island. All day we encountered small and medium sized icebergs, some of which had passengers. Gentoo penguins, or as here, chinstrap penguins. The blue tones in the ice were just amazing. Scouts' honour and cross my heart, I have not increased saturation or colour vibrance in this shot. The only adjustments are to increase white balance by about 400K and use the curves tool to pull the shadows down a bit.


Anonymous said...

Lovely calm image. They go about their business down in the arctic, while we fight over this and that in what we perceive as OUR world

Wilfred said...

Nydelig bilde Jostein!