10 February 2010


So I had this trip of a lifetime. Coming back to the daily routine didn't feel good at all. I think, in fact, that there are both psychological and purely biological reasons for that. An example of the latter is the abrupt change in daylength. We went from 17-18 to 6-7 hours of daylight, and got 4 hours of timezone difference between Argentina and Europe free in the bargain. It wreaked havoc on my circadian rhythm.

But now I'm sipping my coffee, thinking about how the solstice is behind us and light is returning to the Northern hemisphere. Literally brighter times ahead for me. And the mountain of images to be sorted, tagged, described by keywords, and finally developed, is reduced to a more manageable size. Not through yet, but sort of glimpsing the end of it ahead.

The promised article on K-7 AF performance is still in the pipelines, but will materialise. Eventually.

Meanwhile K-7 is becoming sort of old news, as the rumors of new releases in March are already floating on the forums. And the long anticipated medium format digital, of course, which was foreseen by Pentax to materialise in June this year.


Boris said...

Hear hear. Having traveled to US of A for 2.5 work days net (plus 2 days in transit) I can totally relate to the internal clock being, well, let us say - confused ;-).

Indeed, it would seem that the rate of updates of modern electronics keeps growing and becoming faster than even more dedicated of us would be able to keep up with...

Miserere said...

An old colleague of mine used to say that there's no such thing as jet-lag, only coming-home-lag. She was a Polish immigrant to the US and told me that no matter where she went in the World she had no problem adapting immediately because she was always excited to travel. Coming back home, however, was depressing and tiring.

I think she had a point.

Jostein, did you feel the jet-lag when you arrived in Argentina?

PS: Do you think your K-7 AF test will be ready before the K-8 is released? :-p

Alunfoto said...

I did feel jet-lagged when going to Argentina too. However it's much easier to cope with surplus hours than to fall short. So I believe the effect of jet-lag is more of an east-west thing than home-away. But the psychological part of getting back to the familiar mortal toil is very real too, of course. I just wanted to point out that there is a purely physiological aspect to it as well.

The post on K-7 AF is still only half-written. There has been too many non-photographic activities in my life since December. Fortunately it looks about to change now. I still hope to finish that bloody post... :-)

Sune said...

It has been a long winter for us in the Nordic countries. I don’t mind it so much, if you get clear skies and beautiful snow. But the grey dull weather can take its toll.
I can recommend one of those Philips energy lights, against winter depression. It is great if you have to get up early. You just turn it on, and it looks like the sun is already up.
Looking forward to more pictures uploaded from your trip