15 March 2010

The Lure of the Laptop

When I got home today and had a look at the previously posted picture from Goksøyr, I realised just how much I had pulled the levers in Lightroom to produce what was posted. On my desktop monitor it looked completely over the top, with unreal saturation and a warm tone that did not exist as far as I can remember the scene.

So what happened? I think I was deceived by the laptop screen. Though calibrated, it renders the colours very differently from the desktop screen. It is also very sensitive to viewing angle, and the shadows will go either black or a blocked-up kind of grey depending on how I hold my head.

To save you the trouble of looking at the previous post, here's the laptop rendering too:

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Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. I've been having somewhat similar problems. And my laptop is calibrated too