07 January 2014

I have committed a book

I have created a book with images from my recent USA-trip. It will be available for 14 days from the day of publishing this blog post. Blurb's policy is to remove items from their storefront if the author does not purchase a copy himself. I have already purchased one copy of a slightly different version, and don't really need multiple copies for myself.

I have no idea what happens if somebody actually buys a copy. Hopefully it means that the item will be listed for a while longer.

10 December 2013

Last Stop Lodi

I went to Lodi to see the Greater Sandhill Cranes at their winter habitat. They were shy and difficult to approach, both from car and on foot. So I'm happy with what I got, considering it was just a one night stop. The first shot is from the wetlands at the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve where they gather to spend the night. The next morning I was up before sunrise and saw them leave in one direction, so I followed and got some more shots while they were still hungry for breakfast.

This was the last stop on my trip.