29 December 2006

Getting started

Disclaimer: It's all because of having too much time on my hands, and a friend who is also blogging here. If cornered, I'll blame it all on him and claim running out of time.

So what will Alunfoto be all about?

As the name implies, photography. The Alun part is borrowed from the name of a nearby lake; "Alunsjøen". As often is the case with nature photographers, I have neglected photographing my immediate surroundings for the benefit of more remote localities. But the intent is there. Maybe in 2007.

The blog will tell.

1 comment:

Boris said...

Hi there.

Jostein, I am most definitely honored to be the one whom you'd blame for your blog ;-).

I shall be looking forward to reading your blog now matter how rarely or often you will be updating it.