27 March 2007

Getting re-started

Given the number of entries in my blog, your immediate conclusion may be that I'm a lazy guy. I'll be the first to concur, but it's only part of the explanation. The rest can be explained by having focus on other parts of life.

Good thing to have photo as a hobby, then. A blessing because I'm free to indulge in photography only when my heart so desires. No pressure to produce to pay the bills. But what happens after a period of absence from photography?

Each time I pick up my camera after a pause, I get frustrated with the results I produce. I spend a lot of my creative time re-learning skills I have posessed more than once before. This process is frustrating.

Photographing more regularly seems the obvious answer. The associated risk is s is that photography lose its recreational value to the self-induced plight to maintain skill. Alternatively, one can always reduce the ambition of improvement. Which reeks with the risk of creative stagnation; implying that the joy of doing photography will suffocate.

Regularity and practice seems to be the lesser evil.

A key question to solve is how to fit some photography into everyday life, which can be pretty hectic at times. Motifs better be close to home, to avoid spending time on travel. This actually fits quite nicely with the purpose of this blog (ok, I'm the one who need reminding); which is dedicated to photography in my immediately surrounding nature. And now we're approaching April and spring too! Time to check if the ice is gone from the good lake Alunsjøen.

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