26 May 2007

The Pentax Gallery

The Pentax Photo Annual was a yearly publication by Pentax in Japan that, as far as I know, stopped a couple of years back. I have been able to lay my hands on a few of them, and it is fascinating to study the differences in photographic aestethics between Japanese photography and my own.

Last December, however, Pentax USA sought to revive the spirit of the Photo Annual in a gallery website, and invited photographers at the Pentax Discussion Mailing List to contribute their images. As of today, the gallery is still in the "beta"-stage, but the number of photographers and images is rising steadily.

If you want to see what they're up to, you can find the beta version here.

I am proud to say that I've got about a dozen images accepted in there myself, but with such a grand-scale undertaking, personal exposure comes second to finding inspiration. What I really hope for the Gallery is that it will become as good as the Annuals were. - It probably means they'll have to throw me out, but honestly, that would be all for the better to the gallery. :-)

Good luck, Pentax USA. Your efforts are deeply appreciated by this blogger.

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Boris said...

Somehow I think that it is a new modern trend - to have something permanently in beta stage. Flickr, GMail, and some others come to mind, though I think both Flickr and GMail are no longer beta.

As a matter of shameless plug - I am also listed in that gallery ;-).