01 May 2007

Sampling the water

My daughter is a brave eight year old. Three days ago she was defiantly insisting that the water temperature in nearby lake Vesletjern has reached bathing levels, and got moral support from her equally defiant (and brave!) friend.

I believe they got their knees wet, eventually. I guesstimate the water temperature to around 10 degrees Celsius. :-)

Pentax K10D and FA 77/1.8 ltd.

Notice the lack of leaves on the tree. However with the current temperatures I wonder how long it will take. Probably it will be all green in a fortnight or so. Spring is definately early this year.


knarf said...


Your daughter is indeed a brave one!


Alunfoto said...


In this case I think defiance nudged bravery forward... :-)

Boris said...

Brrrr... Cold... Freezing...