27 December 2007

2007 summary

In two days' time, it is one year since the first post in this blog. I haven't exactly gone out of my way to post regularly, or even to draw much attention to it in the rest of the blogosphere. Some of my friends have graciously linked to here from their own blogs, and on two occasions I've pointed to my blog from discussions at PDML. That's all.

This is accurately reflected in the number of visits per day, which is usually less than 10. The accidental reader will probably shun away after the first post, if readability has anything to do with it. An online test gave my texts a total thumbs-down. Apparently one has to be a genius to understand my writings.

I've tried to give this a bit of thought. Perhaps I suffer from... um... "hyperextended vocabulary"? Silly term, of course. Whatever it's called, I'm pretty sure I picked it up at university, where practically all the textbooks were in English. Biochemistry, ecology, physiology, statistics; the lot. My current daytime job is no better, with terms from medicine and IT. I'll take it as a challenge to improve readability in 2008.

Fewer fancy words, perhaps, and commas. :-)

My photography this year became totally dominated by the trip to Northern Norway in June. More than 60% of my total production this year is from that trip. Another 30% is from shorter trips, and less than 10% is from the local area. Since displaying local photography was the very purpose of this blog, I must admit failure.

I'll just have to improve next year.


Pentax DSLRs said...

Don't ever give up. Writing a blog is therapy for the soul. If only one person reads what you have to say and learn something new because of it, you have achieded success. I will add your blog to my list of links on my own blog.


Yvon Bourque

Alunfoto said...

Why thanks, Yvon!

Both for your kind words and for adding Alunfoto to your blogroll.


Boris said...

I prefer a different term - "wordy". I do know I can be very wordy... Apparently you too.

Perhaps I could suggest the decision I made myself. To do some kind of Picture A Week (Month, Whatever) project and post it to your blog. It might be fun...