16 January 2008

Landing safely

Still experimenting with matting, and trying to build an Action in Photoshop for it. This design is largely inspired by something Bruce Robbins has used on his blog.

Pentax K10D, FA 77/1.8 ltd., Tripod.
15 s exposure at f/11, ISO 100.

The shot is from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, North Runway. A security patrol passed as I set up the tripod by the fence. They called me and asked "are you a spy or just a photographer". We agreed the answer wouldn't really reveal my true intentions anyway, and had a laugh. They were used to planespotters, but usually without DLSRs. They were quite curious when I explained what I was after, so if I go back to shoot more, I guess I'll have to bring a print of the above to demonstrate. I think this attempt is so-so, but it was fun doing it.

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