17 January 2008

No more bottle rockets.

As from now, a new national legislation seeks to put an end to private firing of skyrockets and bottle rockets for New Year fireworks. Other types of fireworks are still legal (eg. Cakes/Fountains, Roman Candles and Sparklers), but some Norwegians took the ban as a personal insult.
I don't know if indignation played a part in this years' celebration, but the show from my balcony was the best I've seen. It was literally impossible to get a clean shot of any single rocket between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM. The shot below was captured at 13 minutes past midnight. Notice how the large block of flats towards the left is illuminated.

Pentax K10D, DA* 16-50/2.8, tripod
30s, f/11, ISO 200

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