30 March 2008

Pleasant surprise

As a photographer wannabe, one is always looking for the occasional sale. So all the more delightful when it comes unexpected.

I've spent this week-end at a trade fair called Villmarksmessen, catering for all kinds of outdoor activities. Biofoto had a stand to man. Those of us who volunteered, got the opportunity to decorate the stand with our own pics. Just for show.

We've rallied some new members, had a great time, those few of us who rose to the task. Many people came by our stand to look at the pics, and being a junior in the scrambled company, I noted with some satisfaction that my pics got a fair amount of attention. Which eventually resulted in a sale, an enlargement of the below pic.

Camera: Pentax 645
Lens: 645A-45/2.8
Film: Kodak E100VS
Exposure: ca. 2 minutes at f/3.5


pathobach said...

That is a lovely photo. Congratulations. I have a Pentax 645N. Unfortunately it is sitting there like a neglected dog!

Alunfoto said...

Thanks for your comment, pathobach.

I still have my 645N too and feel exactly the same way. Such a great tool deserves a lot more use than it gets.

Anonymous said...

Sweet picture, congrats on the sale