27 March 2008

A Snowfall To Save The Season

This winter has been exceptionally mild around here.

All the snow we've got have come at temperatures just below freezing and with no proper crystals. Just mashed up needles or grains of puff.

The Snowfall To Save The Season came last Monday. -5°C and nice, elaborate crystals. So here's a sample of this year's catch.

The optical setup was a Pentax 645-A* 300/4 with 645-FA 75/2.8 reversed, a #1 extension tube and 645-K adapter, mounted on a K10D and fastened to a stationary homemade rig.


Mark Cassino said...

Nice shot, Jostein - and with a 645 setup to boot... Impressive!


Alunfoto said...

Thanks Mark!

The 645 optics yield really lovely results. The only thing I miss is "A" lens functionality with automatic aperture and P-TTL flash metering... :-)