17 May 2008

I hate keywording

Fellow blogger Bruce Robbins recently posted about his experiences with microstock agencies. It hit me like a slap in the face because I thought reading his blog would be a nice escape from the tedious work looming over me; namely putting keywords on my own photos for the FotoFil.no stock agency.

As Bruce notes, keywording "is as much of an art as taking the bloody photographs in the first place!".

For myself, it's an artform thrust upon a most unwilling performer. Not much chance of inspired creativity here.

Perhaps I ought to spend some time reading about the stock photographers' tribal secrets? Bruce contracted a comment from another blogger dedicated to the very subject of stock photography; Lee Torrens. In case you're interested, you'll find him at: microstockdiaries.com.

But ach... Writing this post is just another displacement activity, steering clear of the real task at hand. Guess I better get back to work.

Oh, wait... It's lunchtime! :-)

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