05 May 2008

Virtual vs. traditional life

The author Terry Pratchett, (in)famous for his humoristic fantasy books about Discworld, describes himself as not wanting "to get a life, because it feels as though he's trying to lead three already".

As a man of modest capacities, I'll gladly settle for two. Virtual and Traditional. The latter is, of course, the most demanding, and tends to displace the Virtual into the realm of subconciousness or some other unpleasant and possibly Freudian place.

Such as in the past month since my last blogpost. So perhaps I ought to settle for one life? Or even none, in the nerd-ish sense?



For now, I'll just make a promise to myself to keep the Virtual closer to the threshold of conciousness. Because there's no shortage of material for writing.

But I have to dash off now. Monday morning duty calls. Sigh.

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