16 January 2009

Eagles day 4

Sorry, no pic today.
Right after the shoot I loaded everything into the car and headed for home. Right now, I'm parked somewhere on a quiet side-road just outside Steinkjer, and here is where I'll spend the night on a mattress in the back of my car.
The little laptop I have for this trip, a Lenovo X61, has been very useful for getting on the internet, but that's just about how far its usefulness goes. The graphics card on this model does not accept ICM colour profiles, so calibration is a waste of time. Also, since it is a laptop from work, the harddisk is protected by some peculiar encryption mechanism. This works well for office applications, but is pretty abrasive on image editing tools. Even such relatively simple software as the Pentax Photo Browser and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. The latter has crashed on me serveral times while generating thumbnails, and doing some real editing like converting a raw file or somesuch will nearly kill it, poor little machine.
Today's shoot at the eagle hide was great fun. No sea eagle, but three golden eagles (btw, some of you may know the sea eagle as white-tailed eagle - alledgedly the fourth largest eagle species in the world). For a few precious minutes they were even gathered at the feeding site simultaneously. There were a few moments of antagonsim too, which passed too swiftly for me to grab the opportunity.
Today I had new company in the hide, and lo and behold, one of them was a Pentax user! For once Pentaxians outnumbered Nikonians 2:1. But the Nikonian got the better of us when the eagle fighting started. His frame-rattling captured the moments we missed.
Anyway, I know I got a few decent captures myself, even if I missed the best action. I can't wait to have a look at the files on my calibrated screen back home. But it's going to be a long drive before I get there. Some 600 km, I think. By now it's getting close to midnight, and both me and the laptop are running a little low on the batteries.
Expect a more illustrated report on Sunday. :-)

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