31 January 2009

Personal Lens Roadmap

Yvon Bourque just posted a personal lens roadmap in his blog, where he recognise that his unchecked Lens Buying Addiction (LBA) has got the better of him a long time ago. Apparently he's going to use the roadmap as a tool to consolidate his inventory.
I too have found a roadmap document to be a very useful instrument to manage the lens inventory. I set up my first just after the first time I saw an official Pentax Lens Roadmap, realising it was probably necessary to match Pentax' plans against my own. As for the official Pentax document, a private Roadmap should be a dynamic document, to be updated for every sale or purchase. It doesn't cure any LBA, but it helps rationalise purchases and to consider need-to-have against nice-to-have. If suffering from LBA, it will be particularly useful as a guide to where to channel the lust. :-)
It will also reveal how some redundancies are harder to weed out than others. For my own part I have both the DA 16-45 and the DA* 16-50. I keep convincing myself that the 16-45 is too nice a little lens to sell, in case one of my kids pick up on photography and suddenly wants to borrow some of dad's gear. I have managed to rid myself of some futile arguments for keeping the FA 50/1.4, and my trusty old Sigma will have to go once the 60-250 hits the market.
Actually, I'm pretty proud of myself to have cleared out the inventory as much as I have. You should have seen the first version...

Click image for larger version.


Editor: Yvon Bourque said...


Very well done. What software did you use for the roadmap? Maybe I will post a blank roadmap that everyone can use, regardless of brand actually. Could make one in Excel or perhaps in PDF. JKostein, if you have a blank copy, either make it available on your blog or maybe I can do it,

Alunfoto said...

The image is a JPG-rendering of a GoogleDocs presentation. If you want to make something as a template, I suggest you provide it for Microsofts Powerpoint and the OpenOffice equivalent. I can look into providing mine as a template if you like.


PS. I mailed you directly about your request. Did you get it?

Alunfoto said...

I have uploaded some templates to my www.alunfoto.no domain. It's a ZIP-package, containing a Microsoft Powerpoint template, and OpenOffice Impress template, and a PDF.
Clicking here will take you there directly.
I renounce all copyright to these templates, but some mention or credit for the idea would be nice if you find it useful in creating your own. :-)