01 May 2009

In another 70 years

Robert Capa's Mexican Suitcase has been opened, and found to hold a historic treasure from the Spanish civil war in 1939.

Imagine, in 70 years from now, if a medium containing digital negatives by one of today's most prominent photographers were rediscovered. Bet a harddrive would be every bit as brittle as those old gelatine strips of Capa's.


Boris said...

I must respectfully disagree here. I am most certain that these negatives are being handled by the most select professionals of the best caliber. It would be safe to assume that those brittle (*chuckle*) HDDs will be handled in a similar way.

But then again, I know you tend to be joking an awful lot...


Alunfoto said...

But I'm not joking. You made the the same association as I did, that such a find would be tended to by high-calibre professionals. And with the advantage of another 70 years of experience and advance in technology too.

However, the experts are brought in because the content is known. For an unmarked rotating spindle -type SATA disk from the first decade of the millennium, when both the interface and the disk type are long gone, the experts would have to be brought in to inspect if the drive contains anything interesting at all.

Brittle in a different way, I guess. Or maybe a use of the word too far out from its true meaning.