13 May 2009

Plum Twig

Our garden plum tree is forever optimistic. It blooms in splendour every year and doesn't seem to mind us cropping it down quite drastically every winter. Here's one shot from this afternoon, in the last rays of a sun that hasn't quite begun warming us properly yet. But spring is definately here. :-)

The photographer is quite optimistic too, by the way. This photo is obtained using the long awaited Pentax DA* 60-250/4 zoom lens. To try out a new piece of promising equipment is always a bit intoxicating, but this one seems indeed to have been worth the wait. The first few raw files I have examined look beautifully sharp, without vignettting, and without much colour fringing in high-contrast areas.


Boris said...

It is hard to tell from the web-size picture how good is the lens that let the light through onto the sensor, but as far as I can see, it looks pretty good to me. Naturally, with long zooms it is interesting to see how this lens performs towards 250 mm long end of the zoom range. Knowing you, I think such an interest will soon be answered...

Alunfoto said...

Ah, Boris... :-)

My intention with this pic was just to express my optimisim and positive first impression.
It's play before work...:-)
I will try to test it more properly as time allows. Things are very busy at work this week, unfortunately.