05 June 2009

Consolidation complete

...for now anyway.
I'm talking about the Personal Lens Roadmap, of course. Back in January, Yvon Bourque suggested creating personal lens roadmaps akin to the official one that Pentax publishes bi-annually. That idea had struck me too, already when I saw the first incarnation of the Pentax roadmap. So I published mine as a response to Yvon's post. With the reservation that roadmaps are of no value if not kept alive.
Today I updated mine, after having purchased the 60-250/4, and offloaded the FA 50/1.4 and Sigma EX 70-200/2.8. I have now reached a state of balance, with no more lenses on the wishlist and no more lenses for sale. I still have a redundancy for normal zooms, and will have to think that one over once more. Otherwise it's consolidation complete.
Feels good, actually. :-)


Frank M. said...

That's a quite complete lenses collection! Please allow me to ask: having three (excellent) ltd. lenses, together with zoom lenses that cover the same focal range, what's your criteria to decide whether you're going to use primes or zooms?
I'm asking this because, after I (re)started using primes, I ended up selling my two DA* zooms (16-50 and 50-135), since I wasn't using them anymore!

Alunfoto said...

Hi Frank,

I use the primes when I know what to expect. For portrait sessions, or if I plan a landscape panorama, for example, I would choose one of the limiteds. The 43 and 77 are sometimes mounted in reverse before the 200 macro for high-magnification shots too. But most of the time I wish to pack lightly and bring a flexible set. The 16-50 and 60-250 is proving themselves to be a great combo for me.

Boris said...

Congratulations... I shall be interested to know what you purchase next ;-).

Yvon Bourque said...


Since my last roadmap, I exchanged my 50mm f/1.4 for the newer SDM 55mm f/1/4, added the 15mm ltd, exchanged the 16-45 for the DA 15-50mm and I am hoping to purchase the 60-250mm when I save enough. I will get the new D-7 before getting more lenses. I think that the D-7 is going to be a great camera. Having the HD video capabilities will help for posting on my blog. Now we will be able to tell the story before the picture. We will be able to explain how the still pictures were taken. It will open many new journalistic ways to present articles on our blogs. I still envy your 600mm lens…maybe someday!
Best Regards