07 August 2009


Today I am particularly proud of my family. Yesterday we hiked to the summit of Norway's highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen, 2469 meters above sea level. Not a terribly big feat in itself, but considering who's involved, the achievement is quite monumental. I see no reason not to brag for people I love. :-)

The summit is the rightmost peak in the background. Over the last two decades, it has changed from a remote and majestic peak to something reachable by any old flatlander on a one-day hike. Under surveillance of a guide, that is, because the shorter route goes across a glacier with many nasty crevices.

The glacier covers roughly one third of the distance to the peak, and we crossed it single-file, tied together with ropes. I hope the images below convey some of the mood from the glacier, with multiple teams crossing simultaneously.

At the summit it was rather crowded, but I got a clean shot of the guy below. A posture that was far from unique up there, but interesting nonetheless.

All pics with Pentax K-7 and FA 43mm f/1.9 ltd. Post-processing done on a laptop with screen of dubious quality.

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