16 August 2009

Metz flash experiements

My Pentax AF 540-FGZ may have been broken for some time without my noticing. I realise that now, after a few sessions with my new Metz flash. In a previous post I mentioned how easily flash photography leaves me confused, but maybe it hasn't been all my fault after all.

In a friend's wedding a week ago, the exposures made with the Metz were far less confusing than my previous flash sessions. And so are the results for macro, it seems.

However a reliable flash is not the only factor adding improvement. Combined with a A* 200/4 macro, the K20D tended to underexpose by 1 or 2 stops. The K-7 is much closer to the mark.

So again, as it always ends up, the weakest link my technique. I really don't like the specular highlights in the fly's carpace below. And my skill at approaching the subject is still weak; not to mention that I still jump with suprise every time that snap-in focus triggers the camera. :-)


Frank M. said...

One word: flash-diffuser.
Ok, actually two words, but quite useful for minimizing harsh reflections, I think.

Alunfoto said...

Absolutely, Frank! ;-)

Sorry about not mentioning it in the post. The flash was fitted with the LumiQuest II softbox that I used for the Armeria Maritima shot.

I was a bit disappointed that there was such glare in the carpace with the softbox attached. I will have to learn why.

Thanks for commenting, Frank.