30 October 2010

A bridge to cross

In the previous article, Times Of Change, I assumed that my blogging frequency would be about one post every second month. As usual in the business of forecasting, I was wrong. In fact, I'm so frequently mistaken in my own predictions that I actually admire meteorologists for their relative accuracy.

But as to blogging, here we go again. Since photography is a hobby, I can take the luxury of letting interest wax and wane. Since I got back from Antarctica, it's been a long period of wane; 2010 has been my least productive year on record. As in numbers of frames collected, that is. The hobby has seen a lot of associated activity, though, and that has been fun in its own right. But not really blogworthy.

These days it seems I've hit a turning point. The desire to pick up the camera is returning. Over the last couple of weeks I've produced a lot of crappy pictures and still enjoyed it. Just last week, for example, we had a good spell of frosty nights, and I goofed around looking for ice to photograph.

While I didn't find what I was looking for, I found this sign that made me giggle. The stream is only an unnamed trickle, the footbridge is proudly labeled the "Upper Kwai, 2002".

Pentax K-7, DA-21 ltd.
f/8, 1/60s, ISO 400
Click image for larger version

On some level of conciousness which I haven't quite reached down to yet, this must be an omen. Think it might be a good one, even.

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Boris said...

I concur. I most definitely and most wholeheartedly would love to you see return to photography, Jostein. The reason is pretty simple - I can hardly recall any time when I looked at your picture and did not quite like what I saw - you should keep shooting, you know...