09 November 2010

Enjoying nature

Last week-end, I went to a nature photo festival in Sweden; the Vårgårda festival. One of the speakers there was Swedish photographer Stina Deurell. In her talk, she emphasised the importance of the Local Nature. It was kinda zen, but she had a good point; that the good nature experience doesn't always have to involve the spectacular or the exotic.

My Local Nature is the Lillomarka forest. Just in case I haven't told you before. It goes through the season cycles, providing different experiences at different times of year, but it is always there. Never forbidding, never hostile, a bit mystical and ready to shield you from the rest of the world. Or provide a real challenge to the pulse chasers.

Next year is a UN international year of forests. It seems like a good opportunity to bring a camera among the trees.

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