03 December 2010

Working on it

Dear reader,
If you are the typical coincidential visitor, welcome.
If you are the returning reader, I admire your persistence.

And to both of you; thanks for dropping in.

On the 30. November this year, I was confronted with organisational changes at work that implied radical change for my job situation. When I got this message I turned very, very emotional. I took the rest of the day off, took the car and drove for an hour into the countryside. I stopped by one of my favourite photo areas, Mylla. The landscape up there has a soothing effect on me; both for its beauty and its good memories.

After pondering the situation for a couple of hours, I had pretty much realised how to deal with the next couple of days; until the time is ripe for a grander decision. To mark the event, I stepped out of the car and shot the below picture before heading home.

Pentax K-7, DA 14/2.8
f/4, 1/10s, ISO 400

(click image for larger version)

Already that night, when I got it up on my computer screen, I wondered why.

I mean, not that I did what I did, or how management at work arrived at their policies. But why exactly this tree; why exactly this kind of image composition. Because of its strong bond to my emotional state that day, I cannot judge this image objectively. It is just too close. A slice out of time too potent with emotion.

Interesting times, it seems.

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elho_cid said...

I hope the job situation is about to turn better soon.
I like the image, but I'm not psychologist to analyze it and guess the emotion.