25 October 2011

Pentax Photo Gallery update

Pentax USA has revamped their gallery site. My photos are still featured. Other than that, it's a great update. :-)
Speed has been increased tremendously, and the site now seem to be prepared for the coming of HTML 5 and deprecation of old multimedia provisions like Adobe Flash. That's well done.
The interface looks nice too, and is even readable on my Android cellphone. 
For some reason however, probably to do with shortcomings in the English alphabet and its native speakers' mindset, all non-english characters have been screwed up. :-)
It's not often us foreigners get a chance to be smug about americans not adhering to international standards, so please pardon me for not being able to resist. In its present state, there's some erratic behaviour with regards to sorting and readability. But they fixed the same kind of bugs in the previous version, so fingers crossed they'll rectify this one too.
Overall, it's a very nice upgrade from the old site. Way to go, Pentax USA.


Jim Purcell said...

You have a great gallery at Pentax. I was really surprised at how fast the photos would load. Well done.

Alunfoto said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jim!
Pentax has continued to weed out a lot of bugs since I wrote this post, too. At one point I had problems uploading a particular image. I wrote an email to support, and they asked for the picture. Next day they'd uploaded it for me.

Glad you liked my images too, Jim. :-)