26 October 2011

Published in Italy

In April, Dario Bonazza asked to interview me about travel photography for an Italian photo magazine. The result became a double-spread article on photography in cold climates, published in July. A couple of days ago, I received my writer's copy in the mail.
Humble thanks to Dario for having me. Doing the interview was great fun.
Here's what it looked like:


Frank M. said...

Congratulations, the article looks great!
Just curious: who selected the photos, you or the magazine?

Alunfoto said...

Thanks Frank!
Dario the journalist had a couple of favourites he wanted in, and I picked a few others. We pretty much agreed on the set, and then the editor made his own selection. It felt like a good process all the way.

ann said...

Thanks for showing us, Jostein! Really would like to read the whole article
is it on line in English
Nice selection of shots - certainly glad to see Salsbury Plain