03 November 2013

Sierra Nevada roadtrip

There will be a series of posts coming on this blog over the next couple of weeks, featuring images captured on a roadtrip around the Sierra Nevada. I began my trip on 27. Oct., and will post as I get around to process images. Some will come while travelling, some after I return home on the 16. November.

There will not be much text with each image, so I'll sum up the technical details up front. I travel with a kit consisting of a Pentax K-5 camera, with a Samyang 8mm fisheye, DA 14mm, DA 21mm and Sigma 500 mm; and a Pentax 645D with 35mm, 45-85mm, 120mm macro and 300mm lenses.

As I write this, I'm one week into the trip. Some images will follow immediately after this post. Thanks for watching this space, I think I know who you are all three of you. :-)

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