14 June 2007


Here's a short version of the itinerary as promised in the previous post, by days.

  1. Oslo - Trondheim transport leg
  2. Trondheim - Vega transport leg
  3. Vega
  4. Vega
  5. Vega - Alstadhaug
  6. Alstadhaug - Dønna
  7. Dønna
  8. Dønna - Lovund
  9. Lovund
  10. Lovund - Engavågen
  11. Engavågen/svartisen
  12. Engavågen/Svartisen
  13. Engavågen - Mo i Rana/Melfjorden
  14. Melfjorden/Svartisen
  15. Melfjorden - Trondheim
  16. Trondheim - Oslo
This will most likely see modifications, though. There's a festival going on at Alstadhaug when I pass, which may be worth spending time at. It will also depend much on how far spring has advanced up there. There's a lot of calciferous rock around Svartisen making the flora very interesting if spring has been good.

Right now I'm so keen to get off that it's difficult to concentrate on the packing. :-)

Oh, well. To anyone who actually bother to read this blog, see you in a fortnight.

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