28 June 2007

Home for granted

By coincidence, I've arrived in the middle of a religious gathering. Lots of Amens and Hallelujahs, smiling people and music. Spiritual encouragement abound, too. These people seem to find reinforcement of their christian beliefs in Norwegian nature; mixing awe for nature with religious feelings.

However I think the two are closely related, and understand their reason for the confusion. The awe sits deeply within me too. At the moment, I think that this is an area well worth returning to. Hopefully as soon as practically possible, given that it is at least 800 km from home.

Speaking of home, some friends from university have settled up here, and winding up in this religious gathering has a lot to do with them arranging it. There are people here from all over the world; all expressing an awe for the nature akin to my own. This goes for my friends too, although they've lived here for eight years now. On the other hand, there are locals present too. People born and grown up here. Their attitude to the natural splendour is markedly different.

They take it for granted.

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