15 February 2008

Next leg on the Interview relay

Just a teaser.

Karen is a very productive blogger, and my interview with her has to line up in the queue for publication. I know she's pretty close to ready, though, so check out her blog often:

A day in the life... one glass at a time

When I found myself at the interviewee end of the table, it was fun. I really hoped to relay that experience to Karen, so I figured I had to do a fair bit of research on what she, and her blog, was all about. First of all, I found that she's a blog veteran compared to me, she's been around since 2005. Her posting frequency is also breathtaking. Since October last year she has produced a post almost every day!

So, as the interviewer, I found myself with plenty of material. There's much about this lady... :-)

But as I said first, this is just a teaser. No details disclosed here.

However, I do raise my glass to Karen. This interview-thing has turned out to be just as much fun on the interviewer side. Thanks also to Neil Kramer who started the whole thing, and to Doug Brewer for getting me into it.


Karen MEG said...
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Karen MEG said...

It's up, it's up ...


(I had the wrong link up the first comment, sorry)