01 February 2008


Nothing about Linux here, just a photo.

Right now, we have a decent winterstorm. Norwegians have since long ago adopted the American custom of giving names to storms, and the current one is called "Tuva". So far she's given us more than 20 cm snow in the garden, all in one day. Unfortunately she's too mild for producing any good looking crystals.

In the aftermath of a similar storm in January 2006, however, I captured the shot below. It was the best of a whole series, where all the crystals had at least one of those curious spheres attached to them. Those blobs stuck to the glass long after the crystal had evaporated, and were notoriously difficult to remove.

It speaks volumes about airborne pollution, doesn't it? :-(

Pentax *istD, 645A* 300/4 stacked with 645FA 75/2.8.
1.3s, f/22, ISO 200.

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