14 February 2009

Just a beautiful day

It has been one of those days.
When everything comes together and you feel content when looking back at it.
The snow that fell last week is still cold and soft as silk. After a spell of temperatures down to -20°C, it has come up to just minus 5 or 6. Add blue skies arriving for the week-end, and you're all set. At least I was. :-)
Today I went cross-country skiing for 20 km (12 mi.), starting from just outside my door. There were, of course, hundreds of people doing the same thing, and it didn't take long to meet friends along the track. Here's one little fellow called Vebjørn who is thoroughly enjoying himself; tobboganning behind mom in what we call a "pulk" in Norwegian. A sort of snow-sleigh for people transport.

In one narrow little valley I came across a place that had accumulated some beautiful growth of frost. It was as if the branches were sprouting elaborate snow crystals. In the shot below, the cylindrical thingy is a birch catkin awaiting spring. Looks like it has to be patient for a while yet.

Both shots were made with Pentax K20D. The first one with DA 16-45/4, the second one with A*200/4 macro at 1:1.

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