26 February 2009

Turning 100

The above picture, shot with K20D and DA*300/4 became my 100th shot into the Pentax Photo Gallery. I think this allows for some celebration tomorrow. :-)


Yvon Bourque said...

Hi Jostein,

Congratulation on your 100th photo on the Pentax Gallery. That's really great, considering how hard it now is to get in. Can you email me, I want to do an interview with you. I will send you the questions and you can answer them. We will post the interview on Pentaxdslrs.blogspot.com with some picyures that you allow us to post.

Email me - brqyvn@aol.com

You are full of talent.

Yvon Bourque

Boris said...

Jostein, I'd like to congratulate you as this occasion is truly remarkable. Once more it makes me feel proud that I know you in person and saw you at work. You most definitely deserve to lead the PPG in all aspects.

Otherwise, you know my sentiment. Methinks that among the first one hundred too few are from your trip here some years ago. It is time to correct that, don't you think?