17 February 2009

A small cosmetic change

After reading the blog of fellow Pentaxian Frank M. at exposingpixels, I realised that despite my partiality to Pentax, I would like to be more about photography in general. So I have removed the reference to Pentax in the title of the blog.
Also, I've finally got my finger out and created for myself the first edition of a logo for Alunfoto. That's the odd blue icon added in the title. The shape is the map outline of the lake from which this blog has got its name; Alunsjøen.
The reference to pain and suffering connected to photographing locally is also gone. The reason why will remain undisclosed.
Today's picture was captured on the way home from the skiing trip I wrote about in my previous post. Sunset takes just about forever at this latitude. The light lingers after sundown while a frosty mist forms and roll over the ice on Lake Alunsjøen. I got this picture of some fellow skiers before they noticed me, stopped, and pulled out a compact camera to photograph my silhouette in the same way. Naturally I had to give them my best pose in return for theirs, but I believe I got the better deal anyway. :-)
Camera: Pentax K20D
Lens: DA 16-45/4

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