03 November 2009

Buenos Aires

First leg of the trip has gone smoothly.

Well... - As smoothly as a 13 hour flight can go, for a man that barely fit between the seat rows of a British Airways Jumbo jet. It's been a touristy, eventful day. And kinda long. We have traversed 4 timezones since Oslo, and though my watch says 22:00, my body insists that it's about 02:00, and bedtime much overdue. I suspect my grammar will confirm this... :-)

Buenos Aires is a city easy to like for a European. It looks like Portugal. Or Spain. Or Italy. Depends whom you ask. But it looks like no other too. And people are slightly more laid back that I have experienced them in, say, Lisbon, Milano or Palermo (unfortunately I've never been to Spain). This afternoon my room-mate, Per, and I sneaked around and did some street shooting. One motif we both found was this young lady making a phone call. Dunno if she missed her car, but the sign was too well juxtaposed to pass up.

Tomorrow we'll start early and head for a wetland reserve practically inside the city. According to our guide we will spend a couple of hours there shooting wildlife, before heading to the airport for the last airborne leg, to Trelew airport. From there we will go by bus to Puerto Madryn, deliver the luggage to the expedition ship, and go on a whale safari with a smaller boat.

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Magne E. said...

It's nice to read about your journey.
How is the weather?
Here up north, it's grey, cloudy and about 0 celisus degrees. Keep on updating your blogg - we're "watching you" :)