25 November 2009

Carcass Island

Currently in transit at Terminal 5 on Heathrow with nothing better to do, I figured I might as well start the picture flood. I will present one pic from each of our landings, or from our passage of the seas where I was fit for photography.

On our first landing at Carcass Island (West Falklands) we had bright sunshine and balmy temperatures. Beautiful start to the trip. Spring was bursting all over the place, with the usual compliment of seasonal activities performed by the local wildlife. And they weren't shy about it either!

Pentax K-7, DA* 60-250/4 at 250mm,
1/1000s, f/7.1, ISO 400
Click image for larger version

1 comment:

Tim Øsleby said...

Good grab Jostein.
Nice lines in this one, with the lines in the rocks complementing the angle of the wing.

Never the less, "our" oystercathers are prettier than "their".