18 November 2009

Live report from South Hebrides

This post is made just to get a hands-on description of how we are

I am standing on the front deck with the laptop resting on some metal
structure. Almost everyone is out, and PolarQuest is handing out beers
or soft drinks. We are cruising along the Southwest side of the South
Hebrides in bright sunlight and nearly flat sea. Temperature is an
amazing five celsius above zero. My hands get a little cold as I write
this, but not really impairing my typing speed. But please allow for
more typos than usual. :-)

This morning we made another successful landing; the Aitcho Island was
another fascinating closeup with Antarctic wildlife. Gentoo and
Chinstrap penguins for most part. What was new this time was that the
animals came ashore just where we landed, so we got all the images we
could wish for, of penguins in water.

One of the guides just interrupted, calling our attention to feeding
gentoos swimming just in front of the ship. I got a few shots before
they vanished.

The landscape gliding past on our right hand side is spectacular.
Glaciers and nunataks, sometimes with icebergs just broken off, or with
visible moraines towards a bit of beach. All the mountains are jagged
and sharp; adding to a feeling of majestic desolation.

Okay; now my fingers _are_ getting cold. :-)

But I couldn't pass the opportunity.


Yvon Bourque said...

You are on an incredible trip. How much vacation do you have, lucky you? I bet you will bring us wonderful pictures. I would like to post something about your trip when you are back home.

Alunfoto said...

Hi Yvon,

The time for this trip was exacted from my account of unpaid overtime at work. So it's not down to luck, but to the benefits secured through strong labour unions.