19 March 2011

Topptur, Sarkofagen

English text below.

Morgenen i dag fortsatte som kvelden i går, kaldt og nesten vindstille. Jeg tok skia og rusla opp på Sarkofagen, rett over Nybyen. Skikkelig Besseggen-følelse ut mot spissen. Jeg stoppet der bildet er tatt. Ble nervøs bare av å se på ham som klatret opp på piggen ytterst. Det er 300 m ned.

Pentax 645D, FA 45-85/4.5
f/11, 1/250s, ISO 200

This morning continued the good weather spell from last night. I grabbed my skis and walked up the nearest mountain from where I stay in Nybyen. It's called "Sarkofagen"; "The Sarcophagus". Don't ask me why... From a broad ridge, it tapers into a narrow edge where two valleys merge below, just where the buildings of Longyearbyen begins. I was quite impressed with the young man's lack of vertigo out there, on the outermost point. The drop to the city below is about 300 m.


Benedikt Meier said...

This Pentax 645D ist in the right hands.
How many pictures did you take to select this one?
Svalbard - is this still norway?

Alunfoto said...

Svalbard is still Norway.
I have 3 alternative exposures of this motif. One where the person holds his arms down, and two with his arms outstretched. The presented is the last of the three, I felt no need to take more.

The real question is then if I have the heart to delete the other two. :-)

Benedikt Meier said...

Yes - that's the Question with my pictures all the time. The Spcae used on the Harddisk rises more and more.