03 March 2011

Tripod Coffee

For English, see below.

Etter en vinterferie på Filippinene var det godt å komme hjem. Er ikke så glad i varmen, egentlig. Så i dag tok jeg skia og rusla et par km inn i Lillomarka, og dro i gang et bål. Det var vidunderlig fredelig. Antar at alle andre er på andre siden av byen og ser på VM.

Men kaffe må man ha, så jeg måtte finne en måte å henge kjelen på. :-)

Good to get home after mid-term vacation on the Philippines. My body doesn't cope very well with the heat, really. So today I enjoyed a stroll into my local forest, in temperatures more familiar. It was wonderfully quiet; probably an effect of the skiing world championship contests going on at the other side of town.

With the campfire going, the lust for coffee was overwhelming. So I needed a fast solution for suspending the kettle over the flames. Manfrotto 455 to the rescue. :-)


pathobach said...

Very good idea and a beautiful photograph. Must have been a very special day for you.

Alunfoto said...

It was, pathobach. The translucent fog created a very special atmosphere, and added to the pleasure of just getting away. Certainly made me want to do it again. :-)

Boris said...

I can only imagine the confusion of whomever or whatever who sensed the smell of coffee on the other side of that fog...

Alunfoto said...

They wouldn't be confused at all, Boris. :-)

Tripods don't alter the scent of coffee unlees they're dissolved in it. :-)

Benedikt Meier said...

How are you making the Frame around your pictures. they seem to make your Pictures even better. I like your website very much.

Alunfoto said...

Hi Benedikt,
The frame is made with an "Action" in Photoshop. My starting point was a freebie "mat & frame" action I found somewhere through Google, which I tweaked to match the colour theme of the blog.

Glad you like it! :-)